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DIY Pichia Strain Construction

Exceptional Achievement

Purchase Expression Vectors, Competent Pichia Strains, Selection Media, all from BioGrammatics.

Start Engineering Your Custom Pichia Expression Strain Tomorrow

Rather Have BioGrammatics Do It?

Perfect Execution

From initial gene optimization and vector construction through genomic sequencing for regulatory submissions, BioGrammatics can (and has) done it all.

Pichia GlycoSwitch Technology

Modified N-linked oligosaccharide structures using glycoengineered Pichia expression strains


Our Business

BioGrammatics, Inc. was established in 2008 with the sole focus of expanding the use of Pichia pastoris as a protein expression system through the generation of innovative tools and providing support to customers at any level in the development of expression strains.

We have contributed to projects ranging from WHO funded work on HIV inhibitors to the production of flavorings for the Impossible Burger®

On any given day, we are shipping vectors or strains for customers to make their own expression systems, analyzing protein expression profiles from strains we create for clients or generating Pichia genomic sequences or transcriptomes to support regulatory submissions.

We want you to be successful and are here to help.

Our Innovative Technology


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